Kris Jenner Sends Best Wishes to Model Who Collapsed at Kylie's 21st Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday with a lavish bash on Aug. 9, but one guest was left a little worse for wear after the festivities began.

Australian model Tammy Hembrow was transported out of the party on a stretcher and transported to the hospital by an ambulance, prompting many to wonder what had happened.

Calling in the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday, Kris Jenner opened up about the moment, sending well-wishes to Hembrow.

"I hope she's okay," the momager said via E! News, noting that she wasn't present when the Instagram star was brought out of the bash.

"I actually left before any of that happened," Kris explained. "I typically go to bed at nine o'clock so it was way past my bedtime."

In a video posted to her YouTube channel after the fact, Hembrow assured fans that she's just fine.

"I've had a lot of concerned followers messaging me and asking if I'm just alright. So, I just want to clear that up and say yes, I'm okay,'" she said.

The mom of two explained that she hadn't slept in about 30 hours at the time and couldn't even stay awake while getting her hair and makeup done for the party.

"I've been throwing myself into work way more than ever, and also, I have my kids the majority of the time," she said. "[It's] literally been like a non-stop, on-the-go kind of thing."

"I probably, definitely shouldn't have been drinking because of how jet-lagged I was, because of how exhausted I was, and I already wasn't feeling well at all," Hembrow continued. "I was honestly fine at that point, and I was talking to a bunch of my friends; I was catching up with some people."

"So, yeah, I pretty much collapsed. Honestly, I'm like already super, super embarrassed about it. I read a quote yesterday and it said, 'Make time for rest or your body will force you to slow down in ways you probably won't like,'" she added. "And I feel like that couldn't be more true."

Hembrow also took a moment to remind viewers that it's never okay to attack people online "for something like this," because "you never know what someone is going through."

Since the party, the Daily Mail reports that multiple members of the Kardashian family have unfollowed Hembrow on Instagram, where the model and fitness enthusiast has earned 8.6 million followers.


Kim Kardashian, Kris, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have apparently unfollowed Tammy, while Jenner and Khloé Kardashian still appear to have her on their feeds.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jerod Harris