Kris Jenner's Never-Before-Seen Modeling Photos Surface

Before she was everyone's favorite momager on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner had model intentions.

The now-62-year-old's modeling portfolio from when she was a fresh-faced 22-year-old was released to the Daily Mail Tuesday by her ex-boyfriend and professional photographer, Alfred M. Garcia.

The 1977 modeling photos, seen here, were shot on location in and around La Jolla and Mission Bay, California, according to Garcia, with outfits chosen and supplied by Jenner.

Despite her stunning photos, Garcia didn't feel Jenner had the facial structure or other physical assets to become a supermodel.

"Kris would not have made it as a real model," Garcia said. "She was tall, and she had bigger bones, but she really didn't have the model look – her face as far as structure. I wouldn't say she was the most attractive of the women I've photographed, or been with."

"Her looks weren't on a high scale, but she was always into dressing," he continued. "She was attractive enough for her time, dressed very neat, was very friendly, and full of energy."

After dating for a bit, Jenner and Garcia broke up, but stayed friends.

"We went our separate ways. I was really involved in photography, and my attention was on that. I wasn't into having a steady girlfriend, but Kris and I stayed friends, and then she called me to do the model pictures, and then her wedding," he said.


Jenner, who went on to spawn a celebrity empire, and recently re-signed with E! for $150 million and five more seasons of her hit show, is probably better off working off the runway.

Photo credit: Getty Images