King Charles Close to Death According to Cancer Rumors

Recent reports say the current king isn't as well in his cancer fight as the palace lets on.

According to InTouch Weekly, King Charles' cancer diagnosis is reportedly far more severe than the Royal Family has publicly shared. According to the outlet, the sitting monarch reportedly has been given two years to live. A later report indicates that the king's condition is allegedly, "eating him alive." Due to these reports, the palace released a statement and tried to counter them, but the reality could be more dire.

"He's very frail. The situation is desperate," a source told InTouch after the reports started appearing . "William is totally distracted by his wife Kate's physical and emotional issues and the problems in their marriage. He also can't seem to control his fury over Harry and Meghan." The problems in Prince William's marriage with Kate Middleton stem from her cancer diagnosis, which was revealed shortly after the king's own diagnosis.

It should be noted that this report came hours before Kate Middleston's revelation about her own cancer diagnosis. The princess confirmed her news in a video message released Friday, ending weeks of speculation.

According to InTouch, King Charles' diagnosis has been an "open secret" among those who work in Buckingham Palace. "Many courtiers believe Charles' cancer is worse than they're making it out to be," the source tells Intouch. "Even before the diagnosis, there were concerns about his health."

Buckingham Palace confirmed Charles' diagnosis in February, scheduling regular treatments and postponing his public duties until further notice. "Throughout this period, His Majesty will continue to undertake State business and official paperwork as usual."