Kim Kardashian Revealed Her Natural Hair on TikTok Without Anybody Realizing

Kim Kardashian just got very real on TikTok. More specifically, she gave fans a look at her real hair. But, you may have missed the major moment.

As ELLE noted, Kardashian is transitioning back to her brunette locks. In the midst of the process, her daughter, North West, caught her on camera sporting her natural hair length (i.e. without extensions). In the TikTok, Kardashian and her eldest daughter duet "Baby It's Cold Outside." When the camera pans to the KKW Beauty mogul, she can be seen sitting on her bed with her hair wet and at shoulder length. You can also see that her transformation back to being a brunette isn't quite complete, as she was still in her blonde era.

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Kardashian has been experimenting with going blonde lately. In May, she dyed her hair platinum blonde for her Marilyn Monroe Met Gala look. It was an extensive process that took hours to complete, as chronicled on The Kardashians. She explained in a confessional, per Us Weekly, "This hair-dying process is so tedious and annoying. We don't have a shampoo bowl, so we have to rinse it a million times. It is what it is." Since Kardashian was dyeing her hair blonde, her hair stylist, Chris Appleton, had to make sure to do the process correctly so as to not damage her locks. 

"It has to be the right color [and] my hair can't fall out. We have to get it right because we have one day to dye it, so we are going to be up for the next 15 hours just dying it," she explained. Her hairstylist later explained to the camera that Kardashian was very much committed to going blonde for fashion's big night, as he said, "We are just on a time crunch to get it blonde for the Met which is tomorrow. At the moment, it is half black and half blonde. The last time we took a week to do the color and now we have two days to do it." He continued to praise how "dedicated" she was to her new look, adding, "She is ready to sit down for 15-hour sessions, but every strand of hair matters so we are just taking it really slow."


Back in September, Kardashian opened up to Interview about being blonde, telling the outlet that she was going to stick with her new hair color for a while. "I am keeping it for a little bit," she said. "I feel like in the fall I'll go dark, just because I don't want to damage my hair. But, I do think blondes have more fun. I just feel different."