Kim Kardashian Looks Completely Different With Blonde Hair and Bleached Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian is known for her various looks but the one that is shocking fans the most is her [...]

Kim Kardashian is known for her various looks but the one that is shocking fans the most is her bleached brows. While she's rocked blonde hair in the past, even starting a trend among her family members, blonde brows are a new look for her. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star debuted the lighter tint — which is only temporary — on her Instagram stories when she was getting ready for a shoot.

"Can you guess what the set vibes are today?" she asked her followers according to E! while her hair was pinned back and she had the bleach on her brows. The mom of four then debuted her blonde wig and blonde eyebrows giving her a look no one has seen on her before. "So, it's really cute, guys — my bleached brows. I'm into it. Can't wait to show you guys the final look!" While she is a fan of change when it comes to her appearance, she didn't keep this one for too long, as she went right back to having darker tinted brows. "I'm back to dark already don't worry."

While she's all for having fun and changing her look, the change in her personal life has been a little rocky. It was revealed earlier this year that she had filed for divorce from her husband Kanye West after it was rumored for months they were heading in that direction. The back-and-forth decisions were adding a lot of stress to her plate but sources say she's feeling a lot of relief now that the process has started. "She is definitely enjoying this time and feeling some relief that things are no longer in limbo with Kanye," the insider said.

"The last year was extremely stressful and hard on her. She had hoped for so long that they could work things out and she didn't want to give up. But now that she took that final step, she feels like she can focus on the future and finally move on," the source continued. While sources have said on both ends that the former pair are keeping their kids' best interest at the forefront, it's unclear if they are on good terms. Recently, an insider came forward and said West was the one who wanted the divorce but allowed Kardashian to file for her reputation — conveying what felt like a sour feel to their split. West is said to be upset about the fact that the public feels the divorce was her call when he alleges via sources that it was his call.