Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Will Reportedly Not Live Together Upon LA Move

News of Khloe Kardashian moving from Cleveland, Ohio back to Los Angeles to be closer to her family has been spreading for weeks. But when she does decide to finally make the move, she reportedly won't be living with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

A source at Life & Style said as much on Saturday that the two will be living apart while raising their daughter, True Thompson.

"They're both leaving Cleveland and heading to LA, but they're going to live apart," the source said. "They've been fighting nonstop. They can't get through one conversation without it turning into a huge argument."

One thing the source wasn't able to determine was which house their daughter, True, would be primarily living at.

The NBA player was caught on video making out with Instagram model Lani Blair back in April. By the time Kardashian gave birth to True, photos and videos of Thompson getting up close and personal with four additional woman made their way online.

Despite that, Thompson was still by Kardashian's side in the delivery room and has been spotted out with her in public several times since. Kardashian has chosen not to address the scandal publicly, though fans have speculated some of her vague social media posts have been about her trying to work things out with him.

According to the source, the two are still struggling to reconcile.

"She can't stop being angry at Tristan," the source said. "Not living together is a clear sign that things aren't going well."

However a different source at Hollywood Life is telling a different story, saying on Saturday that the two are getting intimate again.

"Khloe's working out twice a day right now to get her summer body right and tight," the source claimed. "But she's got a secret weapon that doesn't involve the gym. She's been joking that her favorite workout is sex. Since Tristan has been off season, he and Khloe have been spending nights together again, and when the baby is asleep, it is time for sex."

A source told PEOPLE back in early June that the rest of the Kardashian family was still upset with Thompson despite the relationship continuing.


"Tristan will be in L.A. as well. Khloé's family is still very unhappy with Tristan," a source said to the magazine. "It will be interesting to see how they will treat him. Although Khloé defends him and her reasons to stay with him, her family feels she deserves much better."

Kardashian's mother Kris Jenner also addressed the scandal in a recent interview with E! News, saying she supports whatever decision her daughter makes.