Khloe Kardashian Shares How She Knew Tristan Thompson Was 'The One'

Khloé Kardashian is convinced boyfriend Tristan Thompson is 'The One,' and she's sharing with her [...]

Khloé Kardashian is convinced boyfriend Tristan Thompson is "The One," and she's sharing with her fans how they too can find their soulmate.

The reportedly pregnant Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member listed her "five non-negotiables" in a relationship on her website and app.

Thompson and Kardashian are allegedly pregnant with their first child and have been inseparable for more than a year. But navigating a long-distance relationship between Los Angeles and Cleveland can be difficult in any situation, which is why the 33-year-old lists a strict monogamy policy as her number one tip.

"You 1000 percent need to be on the same page about the basics, like commitment, trust and where your moral compass is set. Repeat: 1000 percent!" she writes.

Having basic chemistry with the person you're dating is also key, she said. Thompson and Kardashian have been lauded by family members as having a really special connection.

"We love Tristan so much, and she's so happy, and she's been through so much," mom Kris Jenner said of the couple last month.

"Connection is key," she wrote. "Laughter and passion are the fuel for lifelong monogamy, so the importance of fun, collaborative activities should never be forgotten."

Kardashian clearly lives a high-class life most of her fans can't relate to, but if your boo makes "you feel like a queen" and provides "an overall feeling of security and adoration," you won't need all the riches in the world.

The Revenge Body star reminded fans that "you're their #1 priority" and that while "your boo should obviously care about work and pals, but you need to be numero uno."

And last but not least, the Good American co-founder advised fans to learn to "fight fair."