Exclusive: Lawyer in Sex Scandal Says Her Client Is a Victim, as Is Kevin Hart

The woman featured alongside Kevin Hart in an explicit video that's become the focus of a sex tape scandal is speaking out through her high-powered attorney, Lisa Bloom, who is adamant her client, Montia Sabbag, is a victim just as Hart is.

"We are not against Kevin Hart. I hope he's not against us," Bloom said in the above video. "I think both Kevin Hart and my client, Montia, are victims. Victims of extortionists. Somebody who took a camera and planted it in that hotel room, who then recorded images and has disseminated those images.

"Those are three separate crimes — three separate felonies — and Montia is here to say that it was not her. She did not do it. She's a victim and as a result, she and I are going to law enforcement to cooperate with the investigation because she does not appreciate images of her intimate moments being out there on the internet."

Bloom runs a high-profile law firm in Los Angeles, TheBloomFirm.com, and is well-known in her field, having been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper, to name just a few.

She represents several celebrity clients, including Blac Chyna and the plaintiffs in the Usher case.

Bloom reiterated that she and her client aren't making any claims against Hart and are not asking for any money.

"What I'm concerned about is representing Montia's interest. She is very concerned about images being out there," she said.

Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris




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