Kevin Federline Tries Again for More Child Support From Britney Spears

Kevin Federline has made another attempt at getting more child support from his ex-wife, pop [...]

Kevin Federline has made another attempt at getting more child support from his ex-wife, pop superstar Britney Spears.

Last month, The Blast reported that Spears' attorneys received a letter from Federline's, seeking an increase in child support after he saw how successful Spears' Las Vegas residency was.

Their current settlement sees Federline getting a $20,000 child support check for sons Jayden and Sean. The number was based on a percentage of Spears' earnings at the time of their divorce, which came at a time when Spears was dealing with mental health problems and experienced a lull in her music career. Since then, she has recorded four more albums and headlined a Vegas residency that earned her $15 million a year.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Federline tried another tactic to get more child support. He called Spears' father, Jamie Spears, to personally ask for more than $20,000 a month. Jamie asked Federline how he was spending the money, but he refused to answer.

Last week, Jamie received a letter from Federline's attorney, asking for a chance to talk about upping the child support. Since their sons are now older, Federline says he needs more money.

Jamie asked what the kids needed that Federline could not provide, but Federline's attorney did not reply. He said Federline has to be able to support them in the same way Spears can, but Jamie said Spears is taking care of her children the same way she always has.

Federline's attorney brought up Spears' recent Vegas success, according to TMZ's sources. Jamie insisted that the extra cash does not mean that Spears is suddenly providing her sons with an opulent lifestyle Federline cannot afford.

When Spears and Federline, a former backup dancer, split in 2007, Spears paid him $1.3 million and agreed to spousal support for several years.

TMZ reports that Federline's attorney never provided Jamie with a suggested number for the child support payments. He also never said what it is Federline cannot provide them with his $20,000 monthly check.

Federline has retreated from the spotlight since their divorce. He is now married to former volleyball player Victoria Prince. The couple have two children.

As for Spears, she is now romantically involved with Sam Asghari. They have been dating for over a year.