Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Lip Filler Treatment on Social Media, Draws Mixed Responses

Kendra Wilkinson was an open book when it came to her lip filler procedure, sharing pictures and videos of the entire experience with fans and followers on social media.

Wilkinson only mentioned the procedure on Twitter, but she actually showed the results on Instagram. Fans were quick to cross-reference the two posts.

As always, there was a strong contingent of support for the model, as her die-hard fans proclaimed her beauty and strength. Naturally, Wilkinson had her fair share of detractors too.


Wilkinson's views on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have been known to change from time to time. Earlier this year, she said she was done with cosmetic treatments for a while, especially to her face. It seems she's had a change of heart, though most of her fans don't seem to mind.