Kendra Wilkinson Makes Controversial Statement About Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe

On Friday, former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson took to social media to share what she loved most about ex-boyfriend, Hugh Hefner. But in the heat of reminiscing, the 32-year-old got some backlash from fans over a comment about Marilyn Monroe.

Initially caught by PEOPLE magazine, Wilkinson tweeted how the iconic actress "should be honored" to be buried next to Hefner.

This comment comes on the heels of Hefner's plans to be buried next to Monroe, who was the first Playboy cover model. Social followers were upset with Wilkinson, sharing with the former model that while Hefner might be a pioneer in sexual liberation, his actions of wanting to be buried next to Monroe were exploitative and destructive to a degree. Especially considering Monroe has been dead for more than half a century.

Realizing her words following the feedback, Wilkinson deleted the tweet despite wanting to underline to followers just how much she appreciated and loved Hefner.

Hefner died Sept. 27 at the age of 91 at his mansion in Los Angeles from natural causes. The mansion, a party central for Hollywood's elites throughout the years, was sold in August with a stipulation that allowed Hefner to live there until he died.

Though Hefner was born to strict Methodist parents in 1926 and served two years in the Army during World War II, he went on to start his own career as a copywriter for Esquire. Subsequently, after saving enough, he published the first issue of Playboy in 1953 with an old nude photo of Marilyn Monroe on the cover. That issue sold over 50,000 copies and his publishing house was born.

Photo credit: Twitter / @bokuranoashiato