Kendra Wilkinson Says She 'Will Always' Love Hank Baskett

Despite swirling rumors of their impending divorce, Kendra Wilkinson vows she "will always love" husband Hank Baskett.

The Girls Next Door cast member took to Twitter on Thursday to share her thoughts on Baskett, though she kept mum about claims they were headed for a legal separation. She penned a series of cryptic tweets about what "happiness" means, which led fans to question her directly about her marital status.

"So your [sic] happy even with Hank?" one user asked on Twitter.

"I will always love Hank. Always," Wilkinson replied.

In another post, the 32-year-old former Playboy playmate griped about people who have tried to interject themselves into her admitted issues with her husband of nearly nine years.

"I can't stand marital advice. Lol," she wrote. "The [Dalai Lama] is the only one who can give me any type [of] real s–t advice. [Laugh my a– off] martial advice makes me [vomit]."

Wilkinson's tweets came days after sources close to the couple claimed they were "really unhappy and felt uncomfortable in the marriage," adding that she and Baskett "have been fighting a lot," Us Weekly reports.

The Kendra on Top personality admitted they having marital problems in February as part of a now-deleted Instagram post calling out tabloids who claimed they were "faking it" for cameras. Earlier this week, she shared a series of concerning messages with fans on Instagram, then posted a selfie without her wedding ring alongside the caption, "I'm proud of myself."

Wilkinson, 32, and Baskett, 35, wed in 2009 at the Playboy Mansion. Their marriage was rocked by scandal after four years when Baskett, a former football player, allegedly had an affair with a transgender model while his wife was eight months pregnant.

The couple remained committed to each another in the wake of the scandal, though Wilkinson famously flushed her wedding ring down the toilet and they appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Edition to flush out their problems.

The pair share two children together, son Hank IV, 8, and daughter Alijah, 3, and sources claim they are hoping for a "graceful separation" for the sake of their kids.