Kendra Wilkinson Hits Back at Critics of Her Las Vegas Move

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is currently starring in the Off-Broadway comedy, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man in Las Vegas, and the show's run has been extended through January. As a result, the former Playboy playmate has been away from her kids, son Hank, 7, and daughter Alijah, 3, and husband Hank Baskett for quite some time, something her fans feel the need to point out on social media.

Always outspoken, Wilkinson Baskett isn't about to sit back and let haters criticize her for her decisions, and she recently used Twitter to clarify that she chose to work and be away from her family.

"I chose to work," the mom of two wrote in response to a tweet that read, "She chose to go for 5 months without her kids so...not sure what she expected. But...sorry you didn't like it."

Wilkinson Baskett continued, "Always with my fam and I'm not allowed to miss my family? Men do it and it's ok but I do it n I'm leaving my kids??"

The user followed up with another tweet, writing, "Post was about you being lonely in vegas. Anyone-man or woman-who leaves their family for 5 months for work is gonna be lonely."

The Kendra on Top star quickly fired back, "No f—ing s—t but the way u said it was shaming me for my choice. Pro choice right?? I'm not asking for pity me BS. Just miss my fam."

She noted to another fan that she's "Not going to change anything. Just bored n moody RN."

"I respect and usually don't read articles about me but when someone @ me w their opinion I'll have mine," she added. "All good."


Wilkinson Baskett later tweeted that she would be taking a two-week break from the show to spend time with her family.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @KendraWilkinson