Kelly Osbourne Steps out for Dinner With Friend Following Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

While quarantine and the deadly pandemic has not been polite to many, Kelly Osbourne is taking advantage of the spare time and investing in her health. The gorgeous 35-year-old stepped out recently and was caught by photographers and fans can't pick their jaws off the floor. Osbourne's slim waist reveals her 85-pound weight loss and is looking stunning.

After dinner with friends on Thursday evening, the television personality was caught wearing ripped jeans, a black Chanel bomber jacket and pink converse after dining at Craig's in Los Angeles according to Us Weekly. In early August, she revealed to fans via Instagram that she had lost over 80 pounds. Osbourne has been open about her weight struggles throughout the years but it was when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars back in 2009, that she decided to make some changes. She opened up to the public about how the foods she was eating during that time weren't doing her body any good, causing her to get sick during practices.

"I'd fill up on French friends and pizza all day and wonder why I wasn't losing weight," she said according to the outlet. "In the very beginning, I kept getting sick during rehearsals because I was eating such terrible, fatty food and feeling so exhausted." Fans will remember weight isn't the only thing she has struggled with, she battled drug addiction as well and noted that she's still shocked she got more attention for being overweight than called out for being an "addict."

"I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that," she explained, adding that she's happy with the progress she's made over the years. "I'm really proud to look in the mirror and not hate every single thing I see. I no longer think, 'Why don't I look like this girl or that girl?'" After several changes to her diet, Osbourne is looking at food through a much different lens than before. Since turning vegan, she says she use to think it was "boring," but instead has found great alternatives to everything, including cheese, which she admits that she does miss.

"I really miss eating cheese so today I tried 'vegan shell pasta and creamy sauce' aka Mac & cheese [...] you can not tell the difference," she admitted via social media in 2018. "I used to think being a vegan was boring. Now I have more fun with food now than I ever have before."