Kelly Clarkson Fans Think She's Too Hot in Bruno Mars 'Uptown Funk' Cover

Kelly Clarkson starts off every episode of her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, with a cover performance, and Monday's "Kellyoke" song was a rendition of Bruno Mars' megahit "Uptown Funk."

This particular cover saw Clarkson standing at a microphone on set as her band played behind her, audience members dancing along as the stood in an arc in front of the star, who took the microphone off the stand at the end of the song to walk through the crowd.

Fans on Twitter approved of the Texas native's rendition of the upbeat track. "Toooo Hooooottt!!" one person wrote. "My ears have been blessed by Jesus," confessed another. "Slaaaaaaaaay!!!" a third declared.

Clarkson's first "Kellyoke" was a cover of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" on the show's very first episode, and since then the American Idol winner has covered songs by Whitney Houston, Lizzo, One Direction and more.

"We've been doing something similar on tour, and Kelly usually says during a show that this was my idea," Clarkson's longtime musical director Jason Halbert told Vulture. "I think because of how she started on Idol, covering so many great songs on the show, when I first started with her, I used to get tons of emails from fans requesting that she cover certain songs. So I brought her the idea of, 'Why don't we do a fan request every day?' She loved the idea, and I think we've been doing it since almost the very beginning. Whenever they were coming up with a concept for the show, that sort of morphed into 'Kellyoke.'"

Clarkson tapes six episodes of The Kelly Clarkson Show per week in three days, and Mondays are spent rehearsing that week's "Kellyoke" numbers.

"The most important thing for Kelly is for her to be able to emote the song in the ways she's most comfortable," Halbert said. "Sometimes that's moving around through a crowd; sometimes when it's a really wordy song, it's being planted somewhere so she can focus on emoting it."


"You can tell when she's excited about it because her vocal goes to next level, and then the audience reacts to that, and there's a sort of a synergetic thing that goes back and forth," he continued. "It's an awesome feeling."

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC