Katy Perry Jokes She's 'Had It' in the Most Relatable Pregnancy Photo During Shopping Trip for Baby Supplies

Katy Perry is tired. The American Idol judge shared a relatable pregnancy photo taken while she was shopping for new baby furniture and fell asleep in a comfortable chair. The singer called herself a "poopedstar" and tagged the photo's location as "I've had it." Her fiance Orlando Bloom loved the picture, adding, "I love you" in the comments.

Perry and Bloom are expecting their first child together, and she recently said the experience has made her "grateful" for my body. "Going through this process you get a whole new viewpoint," Perry said on the Kyle and Jackie O Australian radio show last month. The "Dark Horse" singer said she is "swollen" everywhere. Even her feet are swelling, forcing her to wear sandals everywhere, just as she did in the new Instagram post. The photo also showed Perry wearing a face mask to follow coronavirus guidelines.

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While she left her house to go baby furniture shopping, Perry said quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic has helped her focus on work at home. "I'm a very active woman... and during this time of COVID -- and quite frankly an American revolution -- I have been also putting out songs and heading towards putting out a record," she told the radio hosts, reports Entertainment Tonight. "I'm working really hard. The one blessing is I don't have to travel extremely." Perry said she is still a "mother on the move."

Perry is also preparing to release another studio album. She hopes the new record will raise people's spirits during a difficult time, calling it "hopeful thematically" and joyful. "It's about this period of coming out of, you know, a really dark period of my life of two years of being clinically depressed and finding hope and optimism and light at the end of the tunnel and having to kind of write these songs while I was in that funk," she explained.

In addition, there have also been questions about the future of American Idol. The show was renewed for a fourth season on ABC, but the network did not automatically confirm Perry's return. While on The Howard Stern Show last month, Perry said there were "a lot of factors" when it comes to deciding if she will return. Perry said she would "love" to come back "as long as they'll have me" and "as long as I'm still having fun and as long as it still means something."