Katy Perry Fires Back at Luke Bryan After He Teasingly Criticizes Her Leg Hair

Katy Perry had a few words for fellow American Idol judge Luke Bryan after he commented on her leg hair. On Sunday, the "Teenage Dream" singer took to her Instagram Story with a behind-the-scenes video of the exchange, during which she quickly and humorously shut Bryan down when he implored her to shave his legs.

The discussion went down on the American Idol set after Bryan teased, "I know you're a mom and everything, but we gotta do something about this leg hair." In the video, Perry gave fans a glimpse of just what her fellow judge was talking about, showing the camera a close-up of her legs, which had a few visible hairs. Perry, however, was quick to make clear that she has no intention of shaving anytime soon, telling Bryan, "No, I don't got time" and admitting that she'd rather use the time she'd spend shaving to "cuddle with my daughter," Daisy Dove, whom she recently welcomed with Orlando Bloom. When Bryan tried to counter, beginning, "It is literally," Perry cut him off by yelling, "Yeah!"

While Bryan is seemingly unimpressed with Perry's leg hair, as evidenced by their playful exchange of words, Perry has a sound reason for letting her hair grow. It was during an early April episode of the ABC singing competition that the singer first revealed she hasn't been shaving her legs. Praising contestant Cassandra Coleman's performance, Perry said "as a new mother I don't have very much time so I've quit shaving my legs," but when she heard Coleman sing, "the hair on my legs grew an inch and a half." At the time, Bryan quipped, "she literally has leg hair."


Perry welcomed her daughter in August, with she and Bloom confirming the arrival of their bundle of joy on Aug. 27 with a post initially shared via UNICEF, writing that they were "floating with love and wonder" after their daughter's "safe and healthy arrival," adding that they had a "peaceful" birthing experience. On Sunday, Perry celebrated her first Mother's Day as a new mom with an emotional social media post, writing on Twitter that she "found everything i was ever searching for when I became a mother. So grateful for that profound, deep love and honored to join the mama club. Happiest Mother's Day." Bloom was also eager to mark the occasion, dedicating a post to Perry on Instagram, writing, "Got myself a real catch." He also sent "love and respect to all the amazing people who have shaped our lives, supported us and loved us unconditionally."