Kathy Griffin Hints That CNN Anchor Jake Tapper May Be Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Kathy Griffin turned heads online when she suggested that CNN anchor Jake Tapper may be accused of sexual misconduct.

It started when Tapper took to Twitter to address the dismissal of Teddy Davis, senior producer of his show State of the Union, over sexual misconduct accusations. The journalist confirmed the report and said he supported the action taken by the network.

"When CNN executives were told about these complaints, they reacted swiftly and appropriately, as they should," Tapper wrote. "Workplaces need to be safe, and I am fully supportive of CNN's action."

Griffin then chimed in unprompted and alluded to possible misbehavior by Tapper.

The comedian quoted the tweet and wrote, "Tick tock, Jake. XXOO, KG."

Griffin had just delivered a handful of tweets about former Today host Matt Lauer, and it appears she was drawing a comparison between the two.

Griffin says she reads off a list of men who she knows have committed sexual misconduct at he standup shows, and that Lauer is on that list. It's unclear whether or not Tapper is among those men listed at her shows.

Tapper replied to Griffin's insinuation with a complete denial and presumption that Griffin meant the tweet to be felt in a broader context.


"It’s not so!" Tapper wrote. "No idea what she’s talking about. Maybe just how inevitably there will soon be another — but it sure won’t be me."

Griffin has not replied to Tapper's rebuttal and has not yet clarified her remark. A part from Griffin's insinuation, Tapper has not been publicly accused of any sort of sexual misconduct.