Kate Walsh Details Her Plans for the Holidays and Tips for Gatherings (Exclusive)

Kate Walsh is very busy as she has made her return to Grey's Anatomy, appeared in the Freevee series Sprung and is set to appear in Season 3 of the Netflix series Emily in Paris. But will she have any time to take a break during the holidays? PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to Walsh who detailed what she did for Thanksgiving and her plans for the rest of the holiday season. 

"Thanksgiving was great, even though I'm in Australia, so they don't really celebrate," Walsh exclusively told PopCulture. "One of my brothers was in from the U.S., so we had a really nice evening. I love Thanksgiving; it's one of my favorite holidays. I'm very excited about the upcoming holidays. I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling. I'm going to Paris for the premiere of Emily in Paris and I'm going back to L.A. to shoot some Grey's, and then I'm going to go to New York and celebrate Christmas there with family and friends. Very excited."

(Photo: Tidy Cats)

With Walsh celebrating with family and friends, she will likely be either hosting or attending holiday gatherings this month. And with Walsh having a cat named Pablo, the 55-year-old actress has partnered with Tidy Cats Lightweight to share her holiday tips with cat owners. 

"You want to make sure things like when you start having guests into the house if you move their kitty litter from their regular place, move it into a quiet, calm area," Walsh said. "One of the things I love about Tidy Cats Lightweight is it is lightweight. Most kitty litter, you have to have a weight belt on and use your legs to lift it, but this is really lightweight and it's 99.9% dust free. It's great if you have allergies and it's got a very light linen scent as well that's not too perfumey, so the cat likes it."

Walsh went on to talk about how much enjoys having Pablo in her life. "He's seen me through a lot of times," Walsh said. "Lived everywhere. Yeah, he's been through a lot, this old gentleman. My parents always had cats and dogs. We've always adopted. This guy's adopted, it's one of the other things that I love, it's important to Tidy Cats and for me is to, give back over the holidays. If you want to donate to a shelter, he's not into cat toys really anymore. He'll have a little play with a catnip mouse, but he's really a little long in the tooth."