Kanye West Says His Father Beat Cancer: 'No More Fear'

Kanye West has revealed that his father beat cancer, tweeting that both of them have "no more fear."

West shared the news on Twitter, tweeting out a photo of sauteed crickets that the two were going to eat in order to mark the big moment.

"Overcome fear," West captioned the photo. "My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer. No more fear."

Many of West's fans and followers tweeted back to him with messages of support and congratulations for both him and his father.

"I lost my dad to cancer and will never get that moment with him, so please celebrate your father and spend that time with him. I bet it means the world to you guys because I know it would mean the world if I would have got that moment with my dad," one fan commented. "I am so happy for you guys!!!"

"The day my grandma beat cancer we all felt it. Unlike any other feeling in the world," another fan tweeted.

"Congrats to your dad sir," someone else wrote. "My lil sis passed not long ago from it. Life is short. Do what matters the most."

West also shared the news on his Instagram page, where many of his followers there also shared positive comments for the rapper and his dad.

"God is good his mercy endure forever, weeping endure for a night, but you my friend held on with your father in undying faith believing joy would come in the morning ( tears and joy ) May God always bless you and your father. I love you," one Instagram follower wrote.


"My dad is actually going through chemotherapy for prostate cancer rn so I can def relate. Glad you dad came through! Gave me some hope this morning," another commented.

West's father had been battling prostate cancer, as he was reportedly diagnosed with the illness earlier in the year.