Kanye West Reveals How He Really Felt About Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Outfit

In May, Kim Kardashian attended the Met Gala wearing a skintight Thierry Mugler gown designed to look like she had just emerged from the ocean, with the latex number layered over a corset so tight it was nearly impossible for Kardashian to sit down. The reality star attended the gala with her husband, Kanye West, who revealed what he really thought of his wife's look during Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, letting Kardashian know his thoughts the night before the gala.

(Photo: Getty / Kevin Tachman/MG19)

"The corset, underwear, all of that vibe, I just feel like I just went through this transition where, from being a rapper, like, looking at all these girls, and looking at my wife, like, oh, my girl needs to be just like the other girls, showing her body off, showing this, showing that," he said. "And I didn't realize that that was affecting, like, my soul and my spirit as someone that's married and loved, and the father of, like, now what about to be four kids. A corset is like a form of underwear. It's hot. It's like, it's hot for who, though?"

Kardashian had been planning the look for nearly a year and told her husband that his reaction to her ensemble was giving her anxiety.

"You knew last night I was having really bad anxiety, and I don't need any more negative energy for you to now say that you're not into me wearing a tight dress," she said.

"You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy," West responded, prompting the KKW Beauty founder to point out that her husband helped her to create her current persona.

"You built me up to be, like, this sexy person and confident and all this stuff," she said. "And just because you're on a journey, and you're on your transformation doesn't mean that I'm in the same spot with you."

Kardashian's corset was created by famed corset maker Mr. Pearl, who gave the mom of four breathing lessons so she could wear the ultra-restricting garment. In another clip from KUWTK, Kardashian realized that she most likely wouldn't even be able to go to the bathroom while wearing the dress, ultimately deciding that she would have to "pee my pants and then have my sister wipe my leg up." No word on whether Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner, who both attended the Met Gala, were called on to help their older sibling out.


Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur/MG19