Justin Timberlake Was Reportedly Pulled Over Twice Within Minutes of DWI Arrest

The rookie cop connected to Timberlake's arrest has been identified, but more details paint some poor decision making by the singer.

The cop who pulled over and arrested Justin Timberlake has been identified and he's actually pretty new to the job. But according to The Daily Mail, he is already a thorn in the side of Sag Harbor natives with only three months on the job.

The 24-year-old officer is only a rookie and has already earned several nicknames from the wealthy residents in the area. "I was surprised he pulled me over," a writer who lives in the area told the Daily Mail. "It was off-season, and no one was around. It was a d-khead move. I felt like he pulled me over just for the sake of doing it."

The same resident was hit with a $145 ticket for a second stop for talking on a cell phone. "I thought he would give me a break...I only had less than 30 minutes to swim. It really interrupted my workout and lunch plans," he added. "I think Justin Timberlake was a victim of over-aggressive Sag Harbor police."

At the same time, Timberlake reportedly ignored a warning from the same officer only minutes before he later arrested him. According to the New York Post, Timberlake was technically pulled over twice by the same officer.

"He was stopped and advised not to drive," a source told the outlet. "The officer didn't recognize him; he's a young guy. And he still gave Justin a break, because he didn't pose an immediate danger."

The officer let him go with a warning, expecting him to get a ride home, but then he was patrolling another area and saw Timberlake behind the wheel once again. "What a dumbass," the source said. "I am thinking he could afford a driver. How's that for entitlement?"

Timberlake addressed the arrest during the return to his world tour in Chicago. He'll be back in New York this week for another pair of shows. Meanwhile, the Sag Harbor officer is grabbing headlines for his overzealous policing, even earning nicknames like the "Sag Harbor Nazi" from the locals.