Justin Timberlake Admits He Can't 'Go Back and Erase' Past 4 Months After PDA Scandal With Alisha Wainwright

Justin Timberlake is looking back at the past four months in a new interview, revealing he has learned a lot in the time since the PDA scandal with his Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainwright first broke. In an interview with the Daily Mail for the Weekend Magazine, Timberlake briefly spoke about his "strong lapse in judgement" of the night where he was photographed holding hands with Wainwright while drunk, divulging how the road to maturity is most definitely a winding one.

"I don't have any secret for growing up except to continue to try to do my best," Timberlake said, who has been married to Jessica Biel for eight years and shares one son, Silas, with the actress. "There's always something to learn, and you have to realize that you have a footprint and you can't go back and erase it. But you can improve the next path, and that's all you can really do."

Timberlake goes on to praise Biel, sharing how "there was nothing starry about the way [they] got together," but that it was simple and sweet: "We met and got talking, and afterwards I asked our friend if I could call her and ask her out."

While shooting for his new movie Palmer last November, Timberlake was spotted holding hands and reportedly getting cozy with Wainwright at a bar in photos published by The Sun. Seated alongside the 30-year-old starlet on the balcony of beloved Big Easy site, The Absinthe House, Timberlake was seen holding her hands under a table, with another snapshot captured of Wainwright's hand on his leg. The "Sexy Back" singer was also spotted not wearing his wedding ring — though many can assume that was for the movie's role. The Sun alleged he and Wainwright were "chatting and drinking" in the bar at around midnight, with the pair smiling and laughing together.

While Timberlake admitted in his Instagram post that "nothing happened" between him and Wainright, he apologized to his wife and son, admitting he had "drank way too much" and regretted his behavior. "I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son," he wrote at the time. "I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be."


A source from InTouch Weekly shared this past Christmas how the singer-songwriter and Biel are still managing the fallout of the controversy for their relationship, with Timberlake having "a lot of work to do to make it up to Jessica."

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