Julianne Hough Posts Cryptic Quote About Love as New Divorce Details Emerge

Julianne Hough posted a love quote by writer Bianca Sparacino that has her fans turning their heads. After it became public that Hough and estranged husband Brooks Laich decided to get a divorce, she posted a quote that explains love is more than just a romantic idea; instead, it's the little things. "The truth is — love exists in so much more than just a romantic partner. Love is everything around you. And I hope you learn how to open your eyes to that. I hope you find love in every aspect of your life," the post states.

"I hope you find it tucked into early morning sunrises and the smell of your favorite place. I hope you find it strung between the laughter you share with friends," the quote continues. "I hope you fall in love with growth, and change, and the messiness and beauty of f—g up, and making mistakes, and becoming exactly who you want to be. I hope you find love in places that were once void of it, in places within yourself that you cold have bene softer to, kinder to, in the past. Because if there is one thing I have learned, it is that love is so much more than a boy, or a girl, who holds your heart. Love is everything around you. It is everything."

The professional dancer ended it with, "Love is EVERYTHING." Hough and Laich have been on-and-off the last several months. Fans started noticing the two were having issues when the two were not quarantining together with Hough in Los Angles and the NHL star in Idaho. The two called it quits in May after less than three years of marriage. Neither one of them came forward and admitted anything about whether they were actually following through with a divorce or if they were going to continue to work on things.

After months of speculation, it looked like the two were going to work things out. They were still commenting on each other's social media posts and were still spending time with each other. However, on Nov. 2, Hough moved forward with the divorce by filing the paperwork. "They missed each other and ended up hooking up a few times during their breakup and have tried to sort out their marriage and business commitments," one source told Us Weekly, but "Julianne and Brooks just can't get past their problems."


Hough cited "irreconcilable differences" as for the reason of their divorce, and a prenup was signed before their 2017 marriage that blocks the NHL player from receiving spousal support. Hough also stated to the court that she would also not be asking for support in return. Both will be responsible for paying for their respective attorney fees, as well.