Julia Rose Makes Grand Return to Instagram After Recent Ban

Julia Rose has finally made her grand return to Instagram. On Friday, she told her followers on [...]

Julia Rose has finally made her grand return to Instagram. On Friday, she told her followers on Twitter that she made a new Instagram account under a different handle, as her previous pages were deleted. Her current account, @its_juliaroseee, boasts over 7,000 followers.

Rose first told her fans on Twitter that she was giving them a "late night snack" in the form of a new Instagram account. She then urged her fans to go follow that new account on Instagram. The Are You the One? alum has since posted several photos to her new Instagram since setting it up. Her first post featured her posing in bed with a black bikini and a Shagmag jacket. She captioned the photo with, "let's try this again..." Rose's Instagram page was deleted towards the end of December. Shortly after the social media site deleted her account, she made a new one. But, it wasn't long before Instagram also deleted that account. As for why she officially got the ax, it's not entirely clear. However, Rose frequently posts nude or nearly nude photos on social media. She even referenced this fact on her new Instagram account, as her current bio reads, "just a wholesome girl who loves wearing clothes."

Prior to her Instagram ban at the end of 2020, Rose took part in an interview with Hollywood Raw during which she shared that her page was frequently reported due to the nature of her content. She noted that those who deal with pages being reported were surprised by how many times her account was flagged. The influencer explained, when asked how many times her Instagram account was reported, "I mean, I remember when I reached out to one of the connections we had at Instagram, and they were like, 'We have not seen a page get this many reports at once in a really long time.' My page is probably one of the top reported pages out there, I'd say, 100 percent."

While she has since made a new Instagram account, Rose has recently taken to Twitter to share new content with her fans. On Jan. 11, she posted a selfie that she took shortly after getting out of the shower. The former MTV personality donned nothing but a strategically placed towel and a face mask for the occasion. In her caption, she noted that she had a relaxing evening full of face masks and lemon water. Her tweet has since garnered over 9,000 likes.