Joy Forsyth Catches Heat From Duggar Fans After Baby Hair Clipping Photo Gets Posted

Joy-Anna (Duggar) and Austin Forsyth's son Gideon just reached a major milestone, and the couple celebrated by posting about it on Instagram.

The 21-year-old, shared a photo of herself buzzing her 14-month-old's hair, revealing that it was his first haircut ever. The sweet moment quickly soured as fans flocked to the comments to police her use of clippers for the cut, and her inexperience in the area.

The Instagram post was flooded with a mixed bag of comments, many of which were negative.

Critics shamed Joy-Anna for using clippers, which some feared could be dangerous if her hand clipper or they were dropped. Others worried she could give Gideon a bad hair cut. It appears, however, that all went well.

Joy-Anna did note in her caption that it "may not be the best haircut," but added that it was a "fun" experience for the both of them. As for those concerned about the clippers, Joy-Anna said her son "loved the feeling of the clippers on his head."

"Just pay for his hair cut if you don't know how to cut hair," one critical commenter said.

"I'm an experienced hairdresser and you never cut baby hair, especially with clippers. Those clippers only need to slip from his mother's hands and his eyes could have been injured...," another wrote.

Not everyone was upset about Joy-Anna's haircutting style, however. Several commenters defended her against folks who feared she may be endangering her son or risking giving him a bad haircut. Others were just supportive of her decision to cut Gideon's hair using the clippers, and some even shared their own experiences doing the same.

"Wow. what a blessing Gideon responded well to the clippers and the sound. Both my both (sic) dislike having their hair cut with Clippers that young!," one commenter wrote.

"That's so awesome that your lil one didnt (sic) mind it because my son wanted his haircut done asap [laughing out loud] yay!!," another said.

"Awww so glad he enjoyed it. it can be trying when they have the opposite reaction. He's such a cutie!" a third commented.

Joy-Anna hasn't responded to the negative comments on her Instagram post. She, like most members of the Duggar family, isn't all that active on social media.

For the most part, she and Austin only appear on Instagram to share special moments. on February 24, for example, the adorable couple shared several photos from Gideon's first birthday celebration. The collection included one photo of he toddler sandwiched between his mom and dad, who are each kissing him on one cheek. His cute beach-themed birthday cake can be seen in front of them.

"Happy birthday handsome little man. They grow up way to (sic) fast. it's crazy how fast time flies by, he's the sweetest, and the cutest baby ever. What A blessing he is, cherish every moment," the couple captioned the image.


The older Gideon gets, the more curious fans become about when the Duggar daughter and Austin will welcome another child.

In a TLC Me video, Austin admitted that he'd love to have a daughter some day, adding that he "always wanted a boy first." The couple don't appear to be in any rush, however. Joy-Anna and Austin haven't made any baby-related announcements to date.