Johnny Depp Describes Argument With Amber Heard That Led to His Finger Being Severed

Johnny Depp testified Wednesday in graphic detail about the March 2015 incident with former wife Amber Heard that led to his right middle finger being severed. Depp and his attorneys have argued so far during his $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard that it was the Aquaman star who was abusive in their relationship, not him.

Depp claims he severed the top of his finger when Heard threw a vodka bottle at him during an argument that broke out when she was visiting his rented home in Australia while he filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 5, reports Deadline. Depp testified that Heard was upset after a meeting regarding her husband's desire for a post-nuptial agreement. 

"She kept saying: 'I am not even in your will. I am not even in your will,'" Depp said. "I thought it was an odd thing to say. ... It felt wrong, and she would not let go of the fact that I was in on this post-nuptial agreement and I was trying to trick her into getting nothing if something were to happen." As the argument escalated, Depp said Heard became "irate" and "possessed," calling him an "ass kisser to lawyers." 

The actor testified that he tried to lock himself in at least nine different rooms and a bathroom to get away from Heard, but she was banging on the doors and screaming. Eventually, Depp went downstairs to the home's rec room, where he poured himself two or three shots of vodka, despite having been sober for months. "She found me there [and said], 'Oh you are drinking again, a monster and all that,'" Depp said.

He said Heard then grabbed the vodka bottle and threw it at him, but it smashed behind him. When he went to pour himself a shot from a larger bottle, Depp said Heard took the other bottle and threw it at him. "My hand was on the edge of the bar and she threw the large bottle and it made contact and it shattered everywhere, and I honestly didn't feel the pain at all," he said, noting that when he felt a dripping sensation,  "I looked down and I realized the tip of my finger had been severed."

"I was looking directly at my bone sticking out and the meaty portion of the inside of your finger. And blood was just pouring out," Depp explained, adding that he then went into "some sort of nervous breakdown" and began to write on the walls with his own blood "little reminders of our past that represented lies that she had told me and lies that I had caught her in." Being rushed to the hospital, Depp said he underwent surgery to reconstruct the finger. Heard's attorneys have indicated they intend to prove during this trial that Depp's wound was self-inflicted.