Johnny Depp Allegedly Used Bloody Finger to Write Messages on Mirror

The latest shocking anecdote from Johnny Depp's libel trial reveals that the actor once used his bloody, partially-severed finger to paint a message on a mirror for his ex-wife, Amber Heard. According to a report by Variety, the incident took place on a drug and alcohol-fueled night of violence between the couple. Depp's attorneys argued that he was the actual victim of abuse in this encounter.

Depp is suing British news outlet The Sun for a particular article published during his divorce from Heard, where he was referred to as a "wife beater." To prove that this is libel, Depp's attorneys are now trying to prove to the court in London that it was Heard who was abusive to Depp, not the other way around. At Thursday's hearing, they cited a particular instance in 2015, when Heard allegedly threw a bottle at Depp, which shattered and cut the end of his finger off. Depp told London's Royal Courts of Justice that he could see his "bone sticking out" of the wound.

So far, reports from the courtroom have not specified what message Depp painted onto the mirror with his bloody finger. However, Depp did acknowledge that the house where the incident occurred was "wrecked." The actor was reportedly unhappy at the time, working on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Australia shortly after his wedding to Heard.

Depp said that he remembered there being damage to the floors, the sofas and "quite a lot of blood" all over the house. He said that he was "party" to the damage, but that Heard caused most of the damage. He recalled telling her: "we are a crime scene waiting to happen."

Heard has denied that it was her who injured Depp's finger so severely that day. She alleges that Depp drank an entire bottle of vodka and another of Malbec wine on the day in question and that he took 10 ecstasy tablets as well. The attorney for The Sun drew attention to these details, asking Depp why he was slow to react to this serious injury.


"The damage to your finger was very serious, wasn't it? And very painful?" she asked him in court. "It was hours and hours before you called for any help."

Heard has provided text messages as evidence of the alleged abuse she suffered during her brief marriage to Depp. The couple split in 2017. Depp's lawsuit now is against Rupert Murdoch's News Group Newspapers, the parent company of The Sun, and against journalist Dan Wootton individually as well. Depp is seeking damages for the blow to his reputation and to clear his name. His last day in court for this case was Friday.