Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson Allegedly Went on a 24-Hour Bender Together

Johnny Depp's libel case continues to reveal bombshells from his past, including the story of a 24-hour drug and alcohol bender with Marilyn Manson. On Wednesday, the court in London heard testimony about the alleged 2014 incident, and how it left his then-wife Amber Heard terrified. Depp is suing The Sun for claiming that he physically abused Heard during their marriage.

The court heard about Depp and Manson's alleged binge from Heard, who provided text messages from the time to back up her story, according to a report by The Daily Mail. In February of 2014, Depp and Manson apparently went to drop off Lily-Rose Depp at school, and never returned home. Before long, Heard was texting Depp's sister, Christi Dembrowski, for help. She also called the school to make sure that then 15-year-old Lily-Rose was alright.

"HE went to drop Lily-Rose off this morning and hasn't been back since," the old message read. Heard described herself as "frantic with worry," and went on to read: "JD is on a bender with Manson. I think he's at Marilyn's now continuing the rage and coke booze binge."

"He's gonna hurt himself and take us as a couple down with him," the messages went on. "He just aims all his anger at me when he's on it. Don't know what to do."

Depp admitted that he and Manson had indulged in illegal drugs together — "twice or three times, maybe." However, he said that his days of "doing a line of cocaine with Manson" were over by the time he and Heard settled down. He denied that this could have been the case in 2014 when he remembered taking Lily-Rose to school with Manson.

"Manson and I did, in fact, take my daughter to school," he said but argued that the message only proved Heard had been "speculating that I'm on a binge with Manson for more than 24 hours. That's what Ms. Heard believed. As to how she had exact information about what I was doing with Manson is a mystery to me."

Manson — an iconoclastic rock star with personal scandals of his own — is actually Lily-Rose's godfather. The court also heard testimony that Lily-Rose begged Depp to stay with Heard, saying she was a "good influence" who made him a "better dad" when they were together.


"Yes, she believed that at the time," Depp conceded. He also said that there was merit to The Sun's lawyer's claim that there was a "pattern" of dysfunction between himself and Heard — especially when he went out without telling her where he was going.

"She would indeed get quite frantic with worry, and she would indeed get jealous that I was out cheating on her," Depp said. Depp's case rests on his argument that Heard is "sociopathic," and that she was the abuser in their relationship, not him.