John Stamos Mourns Death of 'Inspiring' Fan, One of His 'Favorite People'

Full House star John Stamos has shared the sad news that his 'dearest, most important and most [...]

Full House star John Stamos has shared the sad news that his "dearest, most important and most inspiring" fan passed away.

In a post written on Facebook, Stamos revealed that his longtime fan Paula Haynes had died, according to PEOPLE. The friends also endearingly referred to one another as "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."

He explained that the two of them met through The Beach Boys some 30 years ago (a fact she would frequently remind him of he said), and that they stayed in frequent contact throughout the years.

"She'd come to shows, fly to LA to see tapings of Full House and I'd visit her in Memphis. She would even come to New York to watch me on Broadway (although, I don't think she liked seeing me in a dress and garter belts in Cabaret)," Stamos wrote.

He also added that "she had the moral compass of my Mother, Mother Theresa and Mother Mary all rolled up in one," and said that, "her prayers got me through many moments in life."

Stamos also explained how Haynes would take on responsibilities of helping him with things. "She always made sure, without fail, that I knew when daylight savings was. 'Don't forget Boyfriend, daylight savings starts tonight' And thank God she did - mostly because I got to hear her voice while reminding me, which was always calming and soothing and nurturing," the actor said. "She was one of my favorite people ever."

At the end of his written memorial to Haynes, Stamos said, "Good night girlfriend, you made my life and so many who had the privilege to know you, better. I will never forget you and the decency you hold me accountable for. I promise to keep it up and not let you down. Until we meet again." He then signed it, "Boyfriend."