John Mayer on Why 'The Accountant' Is Actually a Batman Movie

Ben Affleck's 2016 thriller The Accountant follows an autistic CPA who works as an accountant and a hit man, but according to John Mayer, the film can actually be construed as a Batman origin story.

The musician explained his theory on Twitter Tuesday, postulating that the two characters are one and the same. Affleck currently plays Bruce Wayne on the big screen, which likely had a hand in Mayer's idea.

“It’s a Bruce Wayne origin story,” Mayer tweeted. “We see that he is both trained in fighting and accounting. His father was shot. His trailer/storage space is the first bat-cave. He is beginning to acquire great wealth. His brother will become his arch nemesis.”

In The Accountant, viewers learn that Affleck's character saw his father die when he was a young boy, similar to Bruce Wayne's own childhood tragedy, in which he witnessed the murder of both of his parents.

In replies to fans, Mayer expounded upon his theory, praising one fan for noting that J.K. Simmons, who stars in The Accountant, also plays Commissioner Gordon in Justice League, in which Affleck stars as Batman. Mayer also offered his opinion on the role of a butler in each film.


Mayer often entertains his followers with humorous tweets, offering his opinion on various subjects from everyday activities to the world of entertainment. He recently shared his review of the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, writing that the movie has a "surreal vibe."

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