John Legend's Condemnation of US Airstrikes on Iran Is Lighting up Twitter

John Legend jumped into the debate over the U.S. airstrike on Iran this week, and Twitter had some thoughts. The singer condemned President Donald Trump in a post on Friday afternoon, and his followers were split over how to feel about it.

Legend quote-tweeted writer Matthew Yglesias on Friday as a way into the discussion of the U.S. attack on Iran. Yglesias shared an article he had just published on Vox, arguing that "Trump’s administration is deeply dishonest, and it’s foolish to trust them."

"When a bunch of dishonest people who’ve been trying to maneuver the country into a war with Iran for years say they had to drop a bomb to disrupt an imminent threat to American lives... well... I have some doubts," Yglesias added on Twitter.

Legend seemed to agree, writing: "Yeah, this." He called the Trump administration "the lyingest liars in Presidential history," and said that there was no reason to believe President Trump would "suddenly start telling the truth about a possible war with Iran."

Legend was referring to President Trump's sudden air strike on Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani early on Friday. The air strike was was not approved by Congressional leaders, and according to a report by CBS News, many experts believe the attack was illegal. When he issued a statement on the strike, President Trump said it was taken "to stop a war," but the vagueness of this claim is still being debated.

The debate made it all the way to Legend's Twitter feed, where followers went over the details themselves. Many thought that Legend was speaking out of turn.

"John... stop now. He responded to what Iran did. An American was killed as part of an attack on US. You [sat] quietly as Obama made disgusting deals kowtowing to terrorists. Maybe do the same as Trump attempts to fix what he broke, k?" one person tweeted.

However, many others agreed with Legend and Yglesias, saying that there is more than enough evidence to assume that President Trump — and many other leaders — are not sharing the whole truth about attacks like this.

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time," one person wrote.

"There are also opeds written by the same goddamn people who got us into the Iraq war saying we should go to war with Iran," added another.


"Why can't anyone just say 'no, bad idea' to Trump?" wondered a third person. "An impeached president is starting a war."

Legend did not post anything more about the Iranian air strike.