John Candy's Daughter Honors Iconic Comedian and Actor With Heartfelt Tribute 26 Years After His Passing

John Candy's daughter has taken to social media to honor her father — an iconic comedian and actor — with a heartfelt tribute, 26 years after his passing. In a post on Twitter, Jennifer Candy shared some throwback photos of her spending time with her dad when she was a young girl. She included a sweet memorial message in the post's caption, joking that she's initially written something much longer, but chose to "delete it."

The post has since garnered a number of comments, with one user tweeting back, "Jen your father was a major hero in our household, my brothers and I were big fans of his work even before SCTV. And it was John who suggested to a fan, my brother Mike Myers, that he enroll in Second City Workshops. That changed his life."

"You're definitely your father's daughter, [Jennifer]. Your dad could make me crack up laughing no matter how down or upset I was. He'd come on the screen & make all my troubles go away. He will ALWAYS be missed & loved. God bless you dear!" someone else exclaimed.

Candy was a comedy powerhouse from the late '70s all the way up to his tragic and untimely death in at the age of 43, in 1994. Some his most well-known performances came from beloved films like National Lampoon's Vacation, Uncle Buck, Home Alone, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

In 2016, Jennifer and her brother Chris spoke with THR, reflecting on their father's incredible life and career, with Jennifer revealing that her favorite role of her father's was not one of his comedic ones.

"JFK was my favorite of him for the longest time because he is so good in it," she said, speaking of the Oliver Stone film, in which Candy played Dean Andrews Jr. "He worked so hard on that. He had a dialect coach, and he worked night and day on that script. He was so worried about it, getting that accent down."

She later commented on living without him, admitting that "as much as he is gone, he is not gone. He is always there."


Photo Credit: Ron Galella / Getty Images