Jodie Sweetin Responds to Ex's 'Concern' for Her Sobriety

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin is fighting back against claims she has substance abuse problems.

Her ex-husband Morty Coyle has accused her of not being not stable after her recent break-up with ex-fiance Justin Hodak. Coyle believes she is "resorting to substance use as the means to cope with these traumatic events."

He is attempting to change the couple's custody agreement for their 7-year-old daughter Beatrix as a result of this alleged relapse.

Sweetin's representative told multiple outlets that the claims are "completely baseless" and "ridiculous."

"This is not the first time Mr. Coyle has made ridiculous accusations about Jodie which were utterly untrue," Sweetin's rep said. "Jodie is fine and will comply with all of the courts' requests and they will see that all of these 'concerns' are completely baseless."

Coyle, who was married to Sweetin from 2012 to 2015, says he became concerned after she seemed inebriated during a phone call. He claimed her drug and alcohol addictions have been "well-documented" and she must submit to a drug test, per a 2016 custody agreement.

The case hearing is set for Oct. 18.


Photo Credit: Netflix / Michael Yarish