Jimmy O. Yang Talks Connecting With Family Members Through Video Games (Exclusive)

Jimmy O. Yang is going to have a lot of fun this holiday season. With him wrapping up his comedy tour, the 35-year-old comedian and actor will have the opportunity to spend time with his family, and they will all enjoy the perfect activity — playing video games. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Yang talked about connecting with his family through video games and partnering with Xbox to amplify great holiday games and deals for the entire family. 

"I grew up playing video games with my family. It's also how I've bonded with a lot of my friends growing up, so it's a pretty natural fit to partner with Xbox this holiday season to talk about something I already love doing – play video games!" Yang exclusively told PopCulture via email. According to a new global survey conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Xbox, 58% of respondents agreed that video games are a great way to interact with family and friends who may not be with them during the holidays. Additionally, 31% of respondents say they planned to play video games with family members this holiday season. 

(Photo: Xbox)

Yang also revealed the game he is looking forward to playing the most with his family. "My dream is to get my whole family playing Overcooked together, maybe that can be the new Thanksgiving tradition," Yang said. "We can cook in real life, then cook in a video game together."

The Crazy Rich Asians star also revealed the best thing about playing games on Xbox. "I love keeping up with my friends and family across the world by playing video games, especially when I'm on tour and during the holidays," Yang said. "Plus, it keeps me humble to know that my nephew can crush me at Fortnite!"

When it comes to upcoming games, Yang said he is looking forward to playing Diablo IV but has been busy playing Overwatch 2. And when he was growing up, Yang noted "My parents were obsessed with Tetris. My brother and I loved FIFA, it's probably how I learned how to talk trash."

Over the last few years, many video games have been adapted into movies. And Yang revealed which current video game series should hit the big screen. "I love Far Cry, all of the installments, it's always a great storyline, in an incredible location," Yang stated. "It would be cool to see a new movie based on the series!"