Jim Parsons Is Unrecognizable With Blond Hair in New Photo Shoot

Jim Parsons is officially parting ways with his Big Bang Theory counterpart. A brand new [...]

Jim Parsons is officially parting ways with his Big Bang Theory counterpart. A brand new photoshoot of the actor has him looking like a far cry from the nerdy, Caltech theoretical physicist that fans came to know and love during the series' 12 season run on CBS, with some fans at first having to do a double-take.

Shared to his Instagram account Tuesday, and offering up some "non-voting news" amid Election Day, the photoshoot for the magazine L'Officiel Australia shows Parsons sporting brand new blonde hair. Gone are Sheldon's T-shirt over a long-sleeved top ensemble, and in is a sleek beige plaid suit as the actor lounges in a chair. The look was completed with white sneakers.

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The photo, unsurprisingly, caused more than just a few jaw to drop, with multiple fans taking to the comments section to declare, "bazinga!" One fan couldn't help but ask, "Sheldon, is that you?!" with another joking that "Sheldon got a glow up." Another simply asked, "who are you?" Somebody else wrote, "this is weird lol (in a good way) I grew up with Sheldon so this is a BIG change," another person adding that they are a "fan of this new look," more images of which were also shared to the magazine's account.

The brand new look came for his photoshoot for the magazine, in which he opened up about his role in Boys in the Band, which dropped on Netflix back on Sept. 30, in which Parsons takes on the role of Michaels. Speaking to the outlet, Parsons said that the character was "an exciting puzzle to me that took time to figure out, to understand him, and to be frank, he was written with such complications that I know I would still be finding things to understand about him even now if I were still working on him."

While the look certainly took fans by surprise, this was not the first time the actor has changed things up. Back in May, amid ongoing lockdowns related to the coronavirus pandemic, he unveiled a bleach blonde look, saying during SiriusXM's Virtual Town Hall that he wanted to "Shake things up" for husband Todd Spiewak. According to Today, he joked, "you know, a little new thing to jazz it up."