Jillian Michaels Blames Yacht Problems on Italian Mafia

Former Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels has encountered a terrifying situation on a chartered yacht in Italy, and ays it's all because of the mafia.

Michaels says she arranged for her and some family and friends to go on a 12-day trip along the Amalfi Coast, according to a report from TMZ. She dropped over $60,000 on a "luxury" charter boat, but after one look at it, she knew something wasn't right.

Among the issues she noticed, it was reported that "the yacht was filthy, and no one on the crew spoke English." Additionally, "there were electrical issues, no hot water, and no wi-fi."

The company she charted with attempted to make amends by crediting her 6,700 euros (estimated $7,888.65), which reportedly made things fine briefly, but then things got worse.

Michaels claims that on the third day of the trip, the crew of the yacht began to behave in a menacing manner and demand more money from her for fuel.

At this point, she reached back out to the person who brokered the yacht for her and was told that the fuel money for the trip had been depleted "because of Mafia in Capri."

Things got very intense, as Michaels says the crew of the yacht refused to dock until she paid them more money for fuel. Eventually, though, they gave in and took the group to shore.


She added that she tried to reach out to the state department, as well as the FBI, due to her fear for her safety, but she had no luck getting in contact with them.

Reportedly, Michaels and her groups are now settled safely in a hotel, but journalist's calls to the charter company have not been returned at this time.