Jessica Simpson’s Photo of Sick Children Prompts Vaccination Debate

Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her kids having a sick day on Thursday, and the comments section quickly filled up with a children's health debate.

The singer snapped her little ones lying subdued on the couch side by side, looking a little under the weather. "Fevers and the flu, but still so cute," she wrote along with a couple of halo emojis.

Fevers and the flu, but still so cute 😇😇 #MAXIDREW #ACEKNUTE

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Simpson's daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, was born in May of 2012. The following year, in June of 2013, her son, Ace Knute Johnson was born.

The 37-year-old fashion mogul has stepped out of the public spotlight to dedicate more time and energy to motherhood in the past several years. Her Instagram is a diary of all her fun activities and special family outings, so it often attracts parenting aficionados who want to talk about everything from choosing schools to vaccination.

This case was no exception. Commenters came out in force to discuss this year's extremely dangerous strain of influenza, as well as the science surround flu shots.

"I was told by the triage nurse nurse at the hospital that took care of me that the flu shot can only protect you 10% from this New Strand of flu," one user cautioned.

"Get the tamiflu! This flu is no joke! Poor babies," wrote another.

This year's flu outbreak has been alarming, spreading relentlessly even through communities with high immunization, and escalating quickly from the sniffles to a life-threatening illness. Deaths have been reported nationwide, even among otherwise healthy people who contract the virus.

However, some users felt that there was no situation desperate enough to call for vaccination or Tamiflu. Users warned of the adverse effects of those medications and urged people to simply wash their hands often instead.

"Parents pls don't give ur babies Tamiflu," one user wrote. "It causes Neuro Physcosis. Look it up. Super scary."


"Just don't give tamiflu! Lots of natural healers, my kids just had this… I hope they feel better soon."

Simpson didn't weigh in on the debate.