Jenny McCarthy's Latest Poolside Snap Is Heating up Her Comments Section

A new photo Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy has been circulating, and the poolside snap is heating up a number of comments sections. In the photos, which appear to have been originally shared by the Daily Mail, McCarthy is sporting a blue string bikini and posing playfully for the camera. In one photo, she is seen licking an ice cream cone while also wearing a pair of sunglasses with pink-shade lenses. The former Playboy model is not alone in the photos, as she also has an inflatable pink flamingo to float around on.

The photos have had the social media users sounding off, with one fan commenting on how "skinny" and "hot" McCarthy looks.

"Damn you, Donnie Wahlberg!!! LOL," another fan joked, referring to how jealous they are of McCarthy's husband.

The 46-year-old was Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 1993, and then transitioned into an acting career. These days, she hosts her own SiriusXM radio show, and she is a judge in Fox's hit musical competition show, The Masked Singer.

Earlier this year, McCarthy spoke to Hollywood Life about The Masked Singer, and shared her thoughts on how the show could and what she would like to see for Season 2.

I met with some of the producers and there are now so many people in America that wanted to give their guesses and to interact so there needs to be a live show afterward. Like an Andy Cohen [Watch What Happens Live] with the creatures,” she told the outlet while attending the Amazon Treasure Truck and P&G Puffs event in May.

“So a kid can call up or an adult can call up and say, ‘I think it is so and so from the clue package!’ I think we will make it way more interactive than it was because we shot it so far ahead of time that it’s hard to do it live on the big stage.

They are definitely, without giving too much away, moving in that direction. I also knew that they were going to up the ante in terms of celebrities, not that we didn’t have amazing celebrities already, but you can only imagine once the celebrities saw that this show worked, whether that be athletes or actresses that we don’t know sing, have ringed their publicists to say, ‘Get me on the show!’ They were so overwhelmed with the response that we got picked up for season 3 already!”


The Masked Singer Season 2 will debut on FOX on Sept. 25.

Photo Credit: Getty Images