Jennifer Lopez Could Insure Her Derriere for $6 Million If She Wanted To

Jennifer Lopez could insure her derriere for $6 million if she wanted to, according to a new [...]

Jennifer Lopez could insure her derriere for $6 million if she wanted to, according to a new report.

It had long been rumored that the "Jenny from the Block" singer insured for notoriously curvy backside, but she dispelled those rumors years ago. However, if she did decide to, insurance providers, Acierto, think she could do it for around $31,000 a year.

They do make a point to not that things like her eating habits and exercise would have an affect on the details of the policy, though.

The outlet also points out that other celebrities have insured body parts, so Lopez would not be the first. Taylor Swift reportedly insured her legs for $37 million, and Julia Roberts is said to have a smile worth $20 million.

Interestingly, Elizabeth Taylor insured her eyes for $1 million, Tom Jones is reported to have insured his chest hair for $4 million, and adult film star Rocco Siffredi supposedly insured his penis for $750,000 dollars.

It's not just celebrities getting in on the self-insurance, as many athletes have done it as well.

Soccer players like Iker Casillas, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are all reported to have issured their body parts as welll, with Cassillas insuring his hands for $9 million, and both Messi and Ronaldo insuring their legs for $61 and $120 million dollars, respectively.

Carlos Brüggemann, a co-founder of Acierto, explains that many celebrities choose to do this in the event that they injure a "part of the body" that helps them to "generate income."

"It's something that goes beyond celebrities," he adds. "In fact, there are many surgeons and health professionals who have their hands insured because their profession depends on them."

If you have doubts about why Jennifer Lopez would need to insure her backside, one scan of her Instagram would tell you all you need to know, as she frequently posts photos that showcase her curves.

(Photo: Jennifer Lopez / Instagram)

Earlier in 2018, Lopez took her Instagram game to a whole new level and let her booty do a full takeover of the account.

In a series of posts, Lopez shared one picture that spans across nine separate entries, so as to capture the entire photo in a new way.

Collectively, they showcase one photo that depicts the singer/actress rocking a pair of Guess jeans while sitting backwards in a chair, displaying her curves.

The 48-year-old is also donning a matching denim top, it appears, and throwing a very alluring look to the camera.

She also recently shared a post of her most popular Instagram pictures of 2017 and included a message to all her fans.

The majority of the pictures are solo shots of Lopez herself, but there are also a couple of her with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, and one of her showing off some dance moves.

In a caption on the post Lopez wrote, "What can I say I love you all and appreciate you and everyday I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have your love and support!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!"