Watch: Jennifer Lopez Goes Full ‘Bootylicious’ for Disaster Relief Concert

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez performed at the Puerto Rico benefit concert and telethon, One Voice: Somos Live! A Concert for Disaster Relief.

Planned with her beau, Alex Rodriguez, Lopez took to the stage to champion the fundraising efforts for hurricane and earthquake victims while showing off her best assets — that she shook for a solid 13 seconds.

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In video that was shared to social media, Lopez can be seen in full "bootylicious" action.

Last week, it was announced that Lopez and Rodriguez were teaming up for the benefit to aid disaster relief. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the couple explained how teaming up on their first project has revealed how well they work together.

"We complement each other in a beautiful way, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this," Lopez said. "I mean the things that Alex did to help make this a success for the people of Puerto Rico and for all of disaster relief has been amazing."

Lopez, 48, explained that Rodriguez was quick to step in and help too.

"Alex was like, we can do this, and he got the MLB and the New York Yankees to donate right away. And then he made a donation. And then that all happened almost simultaneously," she said.

This benefit has a personal impact on Lopez, as she has family members that were affected directly by Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.

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"I did it because I wanted to for Puerto Rico but then it does something for me in reminding me we live with a lot of amazing people. There's a lot more love out there than hate," she said.


"I called every performer myself," Lopez continued. "It was a lot of fun to call you know, Gwen Stefani or Demi Lovato or Jamie Foxx or Leonardo DiCaprio or any of these people...Ellen DeGeneres and go 'Hey, my full-time job is now Puerto Rico, can you help me out?' And I can't even get the sentence out and they're like, 'Yes, what do you need? What do you want me to do?'"

Photo credit: Twitter / @COUPSLEADER