Jennifer Hudson Accuses Ex of Taunting Her With Gun

Jennifer Hudson's split from David Otunga is turning ugly. More details surfaced Friday about the restraining order the singer filed against her partner of nearly 10 years, including the fact that he "taunted" her with a firearm.

On Thursday, Hudson's rep confirmed that Hudson and Otunga have been in the process of ending their relationship for the past few months and that on Thursday, Hudson "requested and received a protective order against her ex-fiancé. Jennifer's actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son."

In response, Otunga's attorney argued that Otunga has never harassed Hudson and that the restraining order was simply a tactic in order to get custody of their shared son, 8-year-old David Otunga, Jr.

E! News acquired the order of protection Hudson filed with her local police department, in which Hudson claimed their relationship began to "deteriorate" in April and that they sleep in separate rooms in the same home for six months.

Describing Otunga as "physically imposing," she claimed the former wrestler showed "increasingly aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior" toward her and their son. Accusing him of mental and physical abuse, she said things reached a tipping point Wednesday, at a recording studio in Chicago. Hudson claimed that Otunga asked their son to scan the studio with his iPad and send it to him, as he believes Hudson is dating one of her producers. She said she immediately called security because she was fearful Otunga would show up unannounced, based on the threatening communications she received.

Later that night, she said an "angry" Otunga confronted her at their home; several team members also witnessed the incident.

She told their 8-year-old son to go upstairs to her bedroom so as to not see his parents fighting. Otunga grabbed their son by the arm and took him upstairs to his own master bedroom, she said. Otunga then pushed her with one hand out of the master bathroom, while holding their son in the other hand, she alleged in the police filing.

She said during a Wednesday, Nov. 15 studio session, Otunga told their son, "Don't let your mom's boyfriend motherf--king touch you." Again, she said, "David mistakenly believes that I am dating one of my producers."

Hudson added that Otunga recently left his firearm out on their kitchen table. She said he told her it was a prop, though she doesn't believe him. Instead, she claims that he left it out to taunt her, knowing her sensitivity to guns. A firearm was used to kill her mother and brother.

Otunga claims the gun "has been removed," Hudson wrote. She also requested that he not be allowed to possess any firearms throughout the duration of the order of protection.

She is also fearful that he will take their son and flee, claiming he once he took him out of school unannounced and didn't notify her at the time.


The American Idol alum also filed a custody petition asking the judge to give her "significant decision-making responsibilities," claiming that she's been "solely responsible for making all major decisions" for their son.

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison / Staff