'Property Brothers' Sibling J.D. Scott Engaged to Makeup Artist Annalee Belle

The Property Brothers are welcoming a new family member to their clan! Earlier this week, the HGTV twins' older brother and network personality, J.D. Scott, took to social media to announce his engagement to longtime girlfriend, Annalee Belle.

Scott, who is the older brother to twins, Drew and Jonathan, shared the news of his Oct. 31 engagement on his Instagram this past Tuesday.

"It looks like I get to spend the rest of my life with you," the HGTV personality wrote. "I'm on cloud 9 right now! #SheSaidYes #Engaged #Proposal."

Scott, who occasionally stars on his brothers' shows, Brother Vs. Brother and Property Brothers at Home, included three vibrant photos of the romantic proposal in a carousel, including one of him on his knee and another of the glittery ring.

Belle, who was sporting a sparkly ensemble with pink hair and platform heels took to her Instagram as well, gushing over the surprise engagement.

"IT. HAPPENED. WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!" she wrote on one of the photos. "[J.D. Scott] proposed to me on Halloween, but we only told friends and family until now. I'm bracing myself for all the 'It's about time' comments. [Laughing out loud].'"

She added that while it was "no one's business to go around telling anyone when they should get married," she had no "real desire to get married until a couple months ago."

"It's not like JD was scared or whatever people assume. He was just waiting for me," she wrote, further dishing how the proposal was "outrageous."

"He had hidden cameras so we should be able to share that's eventually. It was one-of-a-kind for sure," she recalled. "Here we come, rest of our lives! Expect tons of adventure and lots more weirdness!"

Following the charming engagement news, Belle took to the social network again to share another message after seeing an influx of followers sharing words of love to the couple.

"I had no idea that announcing our engagement would bring in so many rad new people. Thank you all for joining in on the adventure," she wrote, adding how much she loves Scott for inspiring her to be "better every day."

Belle wrote that even before the two were together, Scott had seen her for who she was "deep inside" her soul.

"He's taken the time to nurture my person, my spirit, and my mind. He's shown me what it means to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly," she wrote. "He's helped me discover parts of myself I thought would never see the light of day again, and that's because he himself is the brightest light I've seen. You, [J.D. Scott] are magic."

Scott's youngest brother, Drew, who tied the knot this past May in Italy to Linda Phan, expressed his joy for the couple on Instagram.


"Congrats to my brother [JD Scott] and soon to be sister [Annalee Belle]. You are two of the most loving people I know and can't wait to watch you walk down the isle (sic)."

Photo credit: Instagram / @dmrdepictions