Jay Leno Spotted Publicly Amid Treatment for Serious Burns After Accident

Jay Leno was spotted for the first time since his burn incident. The longtime talk show host and comedian was spotted receiving treatment for his burn injuries in a hyperbolic chamber pod, marking the first time anyone has seen Leno since he fell victim to a car fire. Radar Online was one of the first to report it. Leno was using the chamber to address concerns regarding the healing process for his injuries. The 72-year-old's injuries were sustained when was working on one of his vintage cars when the combination of leaked gas and sparks from a steam engine combusted. A fire ensued and he was gravely injured. As a result, he cancelled a scheduled appearance.

In the video clip obtained by Inside Edition of him in his recovery, Leno could be seen wrapped in bandages covering his wounds as he lay in the hyperbolic chamber awaiting treatment. One of his arms was bandaged down to his elbow. The other arm included gauze wrapped around his hand. His entire face was also covered in bandages. It was previously reported that Leno suffered serious burns to his face.

His doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center in LA, explained the importance of burn victims receiving specialized treatment to tend to their specific injuries, as all are different. He also explained the importance of using the hyperbolic chamber in treating burn victims can be critical in recovery.

"It helps decrease swelling, it helps increase blood flow with good oxygenation and decrease bacteria," Dr. Grossman said. His doctor has confirmed that Leno has received skin grafts from the burn center's skin bank. This means the grafts did not come from other non-affected areas of Leno's body, but instead from donors' skin.

Leno's team has been optimistic about his recovery.  Dr. Grossman noted that Leno is "good" and he's "up and walking around." Leno was "even cracking jokes" while at the facility. His recovery is expected to be sooner than later. 


"As I'm getting to know Jay, I don't think it's going to be months," the physician stated. "I think he's the kind of guy who's gonna move forward."