Jason Momoa Dresses up as Elvis During 'Ellen' Show Halloween Episode

Jason Momoa was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the show's Halloween episode, so naturally, [...]

Jason Momoa was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the show's Halloween episode, so naturally, the actor dressed up for the occasion, making his entrance on the show dressed as Elvis Presley.

Momoa appeared in a light pink bedazzled bell bottom jumpsuit with a cape along with a pair of sunglasses, a black wig and a red lei. He made his entrance at the top of the audience staircase, proudly displaying the cape's design before making his way through the crowd and onto the stage, though not before getting a little dancing in to one of the King's hits.

"Aloha from Hawaii," he told the host in an impression of Presley's recognizable voice.

"I am obsessed with Elvis, slightly," Momoa told DeGeneres. "I just love him. My mama raised me on him, and I'm still obsessed. I bought a bike like him, and I got an old '55 pink Cadillac."

The actor added that he had previously dressed up as the musician for a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion during his first time in Los Angeles when he was 19.

"Halloween's good to me," he said.

DeGeneres was also in costume as "Cardi E," an homage to rapper Cardi B. The host wore a fringed black dress with sequins, fishnet tights, lace-up ankle boots, a long blonde and pink wig and bright green acrylic nails, with a large bandana around her neck emblazoned with the letter "E."

"E is for Ellen, it's also my bra size," she joked, though her monologue was interrupted by Cardi B, who gave DeGeneres some twerking lessons.

During her chat with Momoa, DeGeneres asked the star about his recent reunion photo with Game of Thrones stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, with Momoa admitting that Harington doesn't like social media quite as much as he does.

"Kit's shy," he said. "He doesn't like social media as much as I do so I just...every time I see him I get excited, I'm an excitable guy. So me and Emilia get together and he's just like, 'Oh, let me guess, it's gonna be all over the Internet.' So I said, 'I won't post it, I promise I won't post it.' So it was my phone, of course I would send it to Emilia and I knew Emilia would post it."

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