Jamie Foxx Spotted Using Hand Sanitizer After Fan Interaction Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Jamie Foxx isn't going to let the Coronavirus stop him from being close with his fans, he's just coming prepared! Foxx was celebrating one of his friend's, Dave Brown's, birthday in Los Angeles when the singer used some hand sanitizer after shaking hands with a fan and it was caught on camera. Foxx was at the Sunset Room in Hollywood for Brown's 50th birthday when the comedian and Kanye West's song "Gold Digger" came on, that's when he took to the stage for a quick performance.

When Foxx was on stage, he seemingly reached out for someone below him and they held hands for a few seconds, but then Foxx quickly pulled away. While he didn't hesitate to show some love, he did immediately turn to his friend for some Purell. According to TMZ, celebrity publicist Domenick Nati caught the moment on camera.

Due to the coronavirus, several public gatherings have been cancelled. South by Southwest has cancelled their annual film and music festival. The event took a huge hit by cancelling because the entire operation is not covered by insurance according to Billboard. Now, fans an organizers are questioning on whether Coachella well continue as usual or if the event will also be cancelled. However, Riverside County — the area the annual California event takes place in — has declared a public health emergency after it was confirmed they have its first case of the coronavirus according to the Los Angeles Times. The Riverside County public health officer, Dr. Cameron Kaiser, has explained that a hard decision on the fate of Coachella has not been made yet. For now, they're trying to determine the movement of the patient and whether others were exposed who were near them.

It's not just festivals that are backing out, some celebrities are now rearranging their schedule and cancelling their performances due to the outbreak. Country band Old Dominion announced on March 6 that they will be withdrawing from several upcoming performances they were scheduled for through C2C: Country to Country festival. The event is suppose to be held in Europe from March 13-15.

"After much consideration, we have decided to withdraw from our upcoming performances as part of the [Country 2 Country Festival] in Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and Glasgow," the group wrote on Instagram. "We are so sorry to disappoint our fans overseas; however, with the growing uncertainty and unpredictable nature of the virus that is spreading throughout the world, the safety and security of our entire team is the top priority."


Madonna is also cancelling the her final Madame X Shows due to the unexpected nature of the virus.

Photo credit: Leon Bennett/Getty.