Jake Paul Smashes Fellow YouTuber's Ferrari Windshield

YouTubers Jake Paul and Logan Paul are no strangers to controversy when it comes to pranks, but the latest stunt by the younger Paul brother might have just cost another YouTuber a boatload of money.

Justin Roberts, an up-and-coming YouTuber, released a video back in December of the Disney Channel Bizaardvark actor playing him in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors where if he won he'd get to hit a Ferrari parked in Roberts' driveway with a pair of bolt cutters. Paul won, leading to him bashing in the car's windshield

But there was one problem. The Ferrari was being rented by Roberts' father Marc Roberts from the Elite Lux Life company in Los Angeles. The model was a 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider worth $292,000, and Marc had no idea Paul or his son would purposefully damage his car just for a YouTube video.

According to The Blast, Roberts reported the damage was caused by a fallen tree branch, but the company only found out about it once they saw the video online. The site reports that Marc quickly apologized and placed the blame on Paul.

"I had NO IDEA and either (sic) did my son that Jake would do something like that," Marc wrote. "My son recently turned 15 and he was in No Position to Stop Jake. He Never Ever thought Jake would Really do something like that to Ferrari."

The Blast later got in touch with with Marc, who wrote "In No way SHAPE OR FORM DO I BLAME JAKE."

Roberts, however, is not off the hook yet. Elite initially reported the damage to their insurance company as an accident, but now it will have to moved to a "premeditated act of vandalism" now that the video of the smashing has been online and spread through social media. This could cost Elite its commercial insurance policy if the company opts to drop them from their coverage, which could potentially be a huge blow to their business.


Roberts offered to pay all the damages in exchange for nothing being filed with the insurance company or the police, but has since reportedly backed off of covering the remaining $34,000. He told The Blast that he doesn't owe them any more money, but Elite has since lawyered up and a lawsuit for the remaining balance could be coming soon.