Jake Gyllenhaal’s New Accessory Draws Very Mixed Reaction From Fans

Jake Gyllenhaal arrived at the Spider Man: Far From Home premiere on Wednesday night wearing a dark blue suit and forest green shirt, topping the look with a gold chain and slicking his hair back, as has recently become his custom.

(Photo: Getty / Jon Kopaloff)

While some fans noticed the chain for the first time that night, others were aware that it had been making frequent appearances on the Far From Home press tour, with many taking Twitter to voice their thoughts on Gyllenhaal's extra side of bling.

Some fans were in full support of the actor's new accessory.

Others, not so much.

Gyllenhaal's chain has also appeared at BBC Radio 1 and on The Graham Norton Show in June, where it sat on the famous red couch alongside its wearer's Far From Home co-star Tom Holland, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Hanks.

While on the show, Gyllenhaal jokingly claimed that he had come down with a stomach virus during filming that was so bad CGI had to be used to remove his vomit from a scene.

"We were shooting a scene and I got sick," he said. "I was very nauseous throughout the day and in the middle of one of the takes I threw up in the middle of the take and kept going. But that's what acting is all about."

Holland added, "I was sitting opposite him, and I was like, 'How is he doing that? He's so good. He looks so tortured and unwell. I'm so, like, hurt — and he just had a stomach bug."


"They actually CGI'd the vomit out of the shot. If you look at the movie, my mouth is just partially open at one point…," Gyllenhaal continued before exclaiming, "I'm kidding!"

Photo Credit: Getty / Chris Delmas