'Canadian Idol' Alum Jacob Hoggard Under Investigation by Canadian Police

Hedley lead singer Jacob Hoggard is at the center of a sexual misconduct investigation led by Canadian police.

The Canadian Idol alum was accused of sexual misconduct allegations in February by a radio host in Calgary and a woman in Ottawa accusing the singer of assault.

On March 5th, 2018, a Toronto woman also accused Hoggard of rape, detailing a graphic encounter she had with him in 2013 that revealed numerous details of the assault. She was his first accuser.

Hoggard stated that this, too, was consensual, and that the allegations were "startling and categorically untrue". The identities of both women have been withheld for their privacy. In a statement Hoggard posted on Twitter, according to The Toronto Star, Hoggard said he has "never engaged in non-consensual sexual behavior in my life."

Hoggard then said that, over the last 13 years, he "behaved in a way that objectified women."

"The way I've treated women was reckless and dismissive of their feelings," he said in the statement. "I understand the significant harm that is caused not only to the women I interacted with, but to all women who are degraded by this type of behaviour. I have been careless and indifferent and I have no excuse. For this, I am truly sorry."

Hoggard's band Hedley has been dropped by its management team and blacklisted by some Canadian radio stations. Bands scheduled to open during their tour have reportedly canceled.

The same day Hoggard released his statement, Hedley posted their own statement on social media.

"As a result, we as a band, and as individuals, have been forced to take a long hard look in the mirror," the statement continued. "No excuses are going to be made by any of us. We clearly have some soul-searching to do. That begins by us saying that we are truly sorry, as individuals and as a band, to anyone who has been negatively affected by our behaviour."

Hedley plans to continue their current tour "to the end" before starting an indefinite hiatus.


Hoggard participated in the Canadian version of American Idol in 2004, the singer ended up in third place.

The subject of sexual misconduct and harassment has taken over the entertainment industry, leading to many celebrities and executives in power getting fired or shamed on social media following a slew of women coming forward and speaking out as part of the viral #MeToo movement.