Hugh Grant Addresses 'Aging Like Mayonnaise'

Hugh Grant is addressing the critics who said that he was "aging like mayonnaise."

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, the 57-year-old actor discussed his time at the Golden Globes and addressed the criticism he faced afterwards regarding his appearance at the awards show.

"I did quite enjoy it, but then I made the schoolboy error of looking at Twitter afterwards," he told host Jimmy Fallon. "I thought I'd been fine, and I thought I looked quite nice and all done up in my dickie bow. Twitter said I was aging like mayonnaise and that the bags under my eyes were like scrotums. Was I wearing a wig? My whole hair had its own little hashtag."

"I thought you looked fantastic," Fallon assured him.

Grant admitted that his appearance was his mistake because he doesn't "use hair and makeup people. I don't really like being touched. I can't stand it. It gives me the willies."

He went on to describe that he had been made aware of his "rough" appearance while backstage.

"So there I was backstage at the Golden Globes and clearly I did look a bit rough, because this bodyguard – I don't have a bodyguard, but Warner Bros. kindly gave me a bodyguard who just took me everywhere like I was a toddler. And backstage he got quite worried about me and suddenly appeared…and suddenly he's there with a sticky roller taking bits of fluff off of me.


Grant had attended the 75th annual Golden Globes with his girlfriend, Anna Erbestein. The couple recently confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that they are expecting their second child together. Grant is already a father of four.